Power Plant Construction
Aynur Enerji

Power Plant Construction

Aynur Enerji & Insaat has proven its know-how obtained through the projects undertaken with its experienced white and blue collar workers within it also with the reference projects. Aynur Enerji & Insaat  reassures all the employers in its field that they can easily work together in their electromechanical installation projects of any scale and difficulty with its present employees and experience accumulated for a long time.

Aynur Enerji & Insaat coorporate culture and technical library created with its experiences accumulated in many years allow for meeting the expectations of the contracting companies without deviating from occupational safety, quality, budget and work plans.

Aynur Enerji & Insaat does not give rise to the shareholders living surprises in the fundamental aspects of the project throughout the project thanks to its fiduciary relationship with the contracting companies. Internally-created formats of planning and reporting allow for complete monitoring at any stage of the project.
To sum up the sectors in which Aynur Enerji & Insaat has specialized in electromechanical installation:

•   Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP)
•   Simple Cycle Power Plant (SCPP)
•   Coal Power Plant

Aynur Enerji & Insaat in the Power plants, can adequately perform all the electromechanical installations of the items such as;


Electromechanical installation of GAS TURBINE and AUXİLLARY systems is as follows:

  • Gas turbine installation and all piping works,
  • Air intake system installation,
  • Noise enclosure installations for gas turbines and generators,
  • Installation of fuel oil and oil skids,
  • Installation of base module and dual-fuel module,
  • Fire fighting system installation,
  • Diffuser assembly
  • Gas turbine insulation

Air Intake unit, which is a part of gas turbines in power plants, installation, filter installation and replacement, air duct assembly connected to gas turbine are performed within the scope of turnkey plant installation.


Electromechanical installation of STEAM TURBINE and auxiliary equipment is as follows:

  • HP / IP turbine assembly,
  • LP turbine (s) installation,
  • Turbine piping,
  • Valve assemblies (main stop and control valves, reheat stop and control valves, bypass valves, steam supply valves, valve actuators and thermocouple assembly)
  • Final alignment,
  • Auxiliary systems (lubricating oil and lifting oil modules, gland steam condenser module, hydraulic supply unit)
  • Hotbox installation in air-cooled systems,
  • Condenser assembly


Gas turbines as ELECTRİCİTY and I&C assembly work:

  • Installation of pressure transmitters,
  • Installation of flame detectors and installation of thermocouples,
  • Fire detection system installation,
  • Electrical connections and cable tests of blow-off fans,
  • Electrical and I&C installation of Enclosure and air intake systems.

GENERETOR ELECTRICAL and I&C assembly work as:

  • Generator winding insulation tests,
  • Generator excitation isolation tests,
  • Electrical connections of blow-off motors,
  • Installation of generator instruments and loop controls.