Gas Turbine Maintenance
Aynur Enerji

Gas Turbine Maintenance


  • Disassembly and assembly with turbine noise enclosure instruments,
  • Taking all measurements before disassembly of turbine and generator,
  • Turbine rotor disassembly and assembly,
  • Gas turbines rotor and stator maintenance,
  • Turbine rotor chemical cleaning processes or sand blasting of blades with dry ice,
  • Eye control and maintenance of combustion chambers, change of ceramics and nozzles (burner),
  • Disassembly, maintenance and assembly of turbine valves,
  • Hot-Gas Path maintenance,
  • Fixed-moving wings change,
  • Control and maintenance of turbine bearings,
  • Crack tests,
  • Compressor section maintenance,
  • Air Intake section maintenance and filter changes,
  • Turbine coupling adjustment,
  • Oil tanks, oil pumps and oil heat exchangers maintenance, oil changes
  • Maintenance of auxiliary systems
  • Dismantling and installation of turbine insulation