Gas Turbine Spare Parts
Aynur Enerji

Gas Turbine Spare Parts

Certified Spare Parts Available for Sale or Exchange

Heavy Duty Industrial, Light Industrial and Aeroderivative Parts

Our Solution Partner is Certified Spare Parts program offers operators the following benefits:

  • Value Alternative to expensive OEM New Parts,
  • Full Solution Rejuvenation® (FSR®) parts restored to "Zero Hour" condition,
  • Independent Manufactured New Parts also available,
  • Ready for Service — Available for Immediate Sale or Exchange.

Certified Restored Parts Available – Heavy Duty Industrial. Light Industrial, Aeroderivative

  • Original parts surplus by owner
  • Original parts retired per OEM conventional service time
  • Advanced Technologies such as FSR® to restore alloy strength to zero hour

Ready for immediate Sale or Exchange

  • Parts are fully restored and ready for service
  • Parts may be sold, or exchanged for similar parts from your overhaul
  • Full sets, or individual parts available

Independent Manufacture New Parts

  • Available for select engine models
  • Manufacturers selected by our Solution Partner to meet OEM standards
  • Parts are source inspected by our Solution Partner to ensure quality