Steam Turbine Maintenance
Aynur Enerji

Steam Turbine Maintenance

  • Disassembly and assembly of high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure rotors,
  • Maintenance of high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure stages,
  • Main lubrication gear unit maintenance,
  • Disassembly and maintenance of steam sealing bodies,
  • Turbine outer and inner casing axial and radial wedge control, making it operational,
  • Turbine bearings control, NDTs and maintenance,
  • Application of NDT to rotor blades,
  • Diameter control of gland vapor sealing system labyrinths and replacement if necessary,
  • Checking the bearing oil sealing labyrinths and replacing them with new ones if necessary,
  • Testing and assembling of gland and turbine casings; Checking and joining between half of the blueprint and if necessary,
  • Bed Blueprint tests and acclimatization, shim settings,
  • Performing and evaluating rotor lead test, making radial and axial adjustments, assembling, keeping radial and axial stator-rotor clearance protocol values,
  • Disassembly, maintenance, compensator controls, installation of crossover pipe,
  • Inspection and maintenance of lubricating oil and lifting oil unit,
  • Main oil tank maintenance,
  • Turbine oil change and filtration of oil with mobile filtration unit,
  • Maintenance of fixed and movable wings,
  • Turbine coupling adjustment,
  • Commissioning,
  • Troubleshooting vibration problems
  • Balancing on the rotor site,
  • Sandblasting of rotor and movable fixed blades.